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Minute to Win It

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How many marshmallows can you move with chopsticks? Can you move a cotton ball with your nose? Or balance dice on a stick? Challenge your body and brain with these quick- but not easy – games! Compete against yourself to beat your record or against your friends!
Activities include: 
  • One Minute Timer
  • A Bit Dicey
  • Cookie Face
  • Nose Dive
  • Paper Scraper
  • Puzzle Mania
  • Yank Me
  • Don’t Blow It
  • Noodling Around
  • Sushi Party
  • Stack Attack
  • Speed Eraser
  • Pop Top

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Category/Subcategory: Rhodesology@Home/R@H Grades 2-4

Price: $49.00 Non-Taxable

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